Astrologer Bharat Trivedi

Astrologer Bharat Trivedi

SPECIALIST IN : Relationship, Kundli Matching, Career, Business and Money matters


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Bharatbhai A. Trivedi

I have working experience in predictive Astrology of around Thirty Five Years.

Currently I am focused on Mundane Astrology and economy in general also Spirituality and its astrological aspects.  Also, I write Sun sign based Yearly and Weekly predictions for a Book published by a popular website. Also write content for an upcoming website rendering Astrology services. I also answer query about any issue in life sent to me.

I can also predict few things about a person without having a Birth chart. I am an Expert in Breathing Science (Swarodaya Vidya).

I used to be President of ‘Ahmedabad Astrology Society’ for good some time. The society runs till the date. Also use to write for ‘Bhavishya Nidan’ a monthly run by learned astrologer Dr. Mohanbhai Patel.

I recently predicted accurately about outcome of last general election. I am also foreseeing recent unrest more or less all around.