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The Astro Channel offers Puja services for all possible problems affecting various aspects of your life. Following the popularity of the Live Pujas on TV, these services have now been made available to you across platforms, including website and mobile.

Book a Puja Online Service

‘Book a puja’ on the Astro Channel is the best puja service online, and people around the world have benefitted from the pujas performed over the years. Customers have helped us grow by recommending our services to friends and family. It feels great to know we have managed to make an impact on the lives of others. What began as an Astro show on TV has now turned into an astrological revolution and the popularity of pujas as a remedy for problems in one’s life can no longer be questioned with millions placing their faith in these ancient practices. Pujas are performed as per ancient Hindu rituals and chants and mantras are recited by pandits who are qualified to conduct these auspicious puja ceremonies. We may have lost touch with our rich cultural heritage and the knowledge already left behind by our ancestors for us to benefit, but the time to redeem is now. Astrological awakening is a reality and people are increasingly seeking solace in the cosmic realm. They understand the possibilities of pujas that can fix many of life’s problems. It’s the powerful chants and vidhis which are known to have tremendous impact on the lives of worshippers.

All Types of Pujas

GrihaPravesh Puja, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Puja, Navagraha Puja, Shani Puja, KaalSarp dosha puja, Mangal Dosha Puja – no matter which Puja service you are looking for we are to have the best service available for you. Explore our range of Puja services by visiting the Book a Puja section of our website. Pujas range across the various doshas or afflictions of planet that bring disharmony in life. Pujas are also conducted for all festivals and important days as per Hindu beliefs. You can book pooja online and leave the rest for our team to handle for you. You will be constantly guided and updated about steps required from your end of the successful performance of the Puja with mantra, yantra, chants, fast, Puja Samagri, etc.

Book Puja Online

Online Pooja booking has made life simpler for all! The Astro Channel is happy to service people worldwide with the best puja offerings. Now, one doesn’t have to go around asking people for references of pandits or astrologers for performing a puja for any dosh in their birth chart. Every possible pooja is available for booking online and the rest is taken care of by a team of experts. Once your puja is booked, you will receive an email as well as call confirming the details of the booking. The Pandits share the next steps such as anushthan (date and timings of the puja) procedures to be followed at home, any mantra to be recited etc by the person who seeks the blessings of the divine lord.

Online Puja Experts

Years of experience in Pujas, research and the best team of Pandits enable the Astro Channel to offer you the best Puja experience. We are able to follow procedures that are meant to make it easy for you to communicate as well as stay updated with the details and timings of the puja service you have booked with us.