Indu Ahuja

SPECIALIST IN : Crystal Ball, Pendulum Dowsing, Fengshui, Numerology and Tarrot


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Dr. Indu Ggopal Ahuja

A renowned professionally trained Crystal Ball Gazer, Pendulum dowser, Fengshui & Vastu Expert, Reiki Master, Aura Reader, Business Card consultant, Astrologer, Numerologist Master Dr. Indu Ggopal Ahuja , is the guru in holistic healing arts. She even specializes in distant healing and consultancy. One can ask any questions even if one has no birth details.

Crystal ball gazing This is an ancient way of foretelling the future and healing with the help of a crystal ball. Dr. Indu Ggopal Ahuja is a natural and this Divination is very sacred to her, Dr. Indu Ggopal Ahuja has had visions and clear insights for people she has been reading for. Crystal Gazing has been used in piecing together the facts of the past, looking into the future and discovering what is about to happen and take caution.

Pendulum dowsing Pendulum Dowsing is a quick and reliable method which caters to questions about any subject relevant to oneself or ones surrounding, ones past, ones present or future. Ancient shamanic peoples were highly sensitive to change in their environment. In the absence of modern technology, they learned to rely completely on their own powers of observation and sensitivity and on those of the animals, which were studied in great detail. It is their methods of finding and reading these fields which have come down to us as dowsing or divining. This method is variedly used from finding water and searches, through to allergy testing, homeopathy and medical diagnosis.

Dr. Indu Ggopal Ahuja is a Television Celebrity and Brand Ambassador Crystal Ball Gazer and Pendulum Dowser for Astrochannel TV Show. She is doing shows at present for AstroChannel on Zee Anmol, Zee Smile, Zee Khana Khazana and 9X. She was previously brand ambassador for the show “Bhavishyaphal Sitaron se Hal”. She is Professionally trained Crystal Ball Gazer and Pendulum Dowser. She is also MahaVastu Expert, Fengshui Expert, Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Astrologer, Water and Mirror Gazer, Business Card Consultant, Runes Caster, Aura Reader and Reiki Grandmaster.

She is experienced since 15 years. She has gained knowledge from her father who is an Astrologer. She is a renowned professionally experienced and trained in all the above fields. Dr. Indu Ggopal Ahuja is the guru in holistic healing arts.She even specializes in distant healing and phone consultancy.One can ask her questions even if one has no birth details. Before that She was working with Aviation Industry.

She has done more than 1400 live TV Astrology Shows on various channels like NDTV IMAGINE, NEWS24,INDIA TV, E24, SAHARA SAMAY, RAJ TV, MY TV, CHANNEL ONE, INDIA TALKIES, ZEE MARATHI and DARSHAN 24. Her TV SHOWS has been seen in 15 TV CHANNELS till now. She is presently doing “ASTRO CHANNEL” show and previously she had done shows like “Bhavishyaphal Sitaron se Hal” and “Jab we Talk”.