Online Kundli Matching 

Kundli is probably the most well-known of all astrology based practices in India. No Hindu marriage happens without first matching the kundli of the to-be bride and groom. These days, online kundli matching services have grabbed everyone’s attention with their immense popularity. What is a kundli? It’s a birth chart that is prepared based on the time of birth, place of birth, date of birth which includes day, month and year. These details are used to prepare an accurate birth chart entailing the positions of planets specific to these particular details available for analysis. The Kundli helps determine the rashi as well as other gunas to gain a deeper understanding of the person. When a marriage is fixed, the compatibility is determined based on astrological predictions already available since ancient times about all possible matches.

Online Kundli Matching Service

Online kundli matching is one of the most popular online astrology service that has gained popularity and earned the trust of people not only in India but around the world. People love to find out how compatible they are with the one they love. Will it work well after marriage? Are they suited to each other as per Indian Vedic Astrology compatibility parameters determined through online kundli matching? The report that appears based on the matched kundlis helps the person understand where they stand in the relationship and how they will fare as a couple. Will they stand the test of time and be a good match for each other?

Kundli Basics

  • A kundli is a birth chart prepared based on the Indian Vedic Astrology system of astro analysis and birth charts.
  • There are 12 houses in the kundli with each house representing an important aspect of your life.These are the 12 houses in the JanamKundli and information on what each house stands for:
  1. House 1 in Kundli – Self
  2. House 2 in Kundli – Earnings, Security, Wealth
  3. House 3 in Kundli – Siblings
  4. House 4 in Kundli – Home
  5. House 5 in Kundli – Children
  6. House 6 in Kundli – Enemies
  7. House 7 in Kundli – Spouse
  8. House 8 in Kundli – Death
  9. House 9 in Kundli – Fortune
  10. House 10 in Kundli –  Career
  11. House 11 in Kundli – Money, Gains and Friends
  12. House 12 in Kundli – Enlightenment, Status in Life

Online Kundli Experts

The Astro Channel brings you the best vedic astrologers in the world who can help create your kundli or analyse your janamkundli to provide you with predictions or suggestions. They will help you understand how your planets are placed across the 12 houses in your janamkundli and what each placement means for you. How to make the most of opportunities that are waiting to be tapped? How to avoid problems that you may face at various phases of your life? How best to learn life’s all important lessons to ensure you have a smooth sailing life devoid of disharmony? All this and more can be answered when you consult a pandit from our panel of Kundli Experts.