Mercury Retrograde on April 9, 2017

Mercury Retrograde on April 9, 2017

Mercury, the planet of communication and expression will be going into the dreaded retrograde zone on April 9, 2017 and it doesn’t go direct before May 3rd, 2017! Will it spell gloom and doom or will it be a time for quiet reflection? Here’s what our astrologers recommend you do to navigate through the doldrums of heightened emotions during this Retrograde phase of Mercury in 2017.

So, what exactly is a Mercury Retrograde? Let’s explore this subject and introduce the unaware about the effects of Mercury Retrograde phases.

As per Astrology, Mercury rules communication and at least 3 times per year it enters a retrograde phase where communication problems arise, misunderstandings increase and we suspend our judgement and end up making big mistakes. Decision making is poor and we fail to differentiate between right and wrong. Clarity seems to elude us and we fall into traps we could otherwise have avoided.

Things to avoid during a Mercury Retrograde:

  1. If you have been planning to start something new, hold your horses for the time being and wait for the retrograde phase to get over. You will realize that by doing so, you may have avoided something that wasn’t as lucrative as you thought it would be.
  2. A new relationship started during Mercury’s retrograde phase has a higher chance of fizzling out into thin air. Someone who seemed to be your Knight in Shining armour may suddenly appear to be the Frog you should never have kissed.
  3. Financial spending during Mercury Retrograde is not recommended as returns may not be as per your expectations.
  4. Arguments are likely to erupt due to misunderstandings during this phase. Refrain from saying anything you may regret at a later point. Sometimes, what’s said cannot be unsaid and the damage may be too severe for you to make a comeback.
  5. Read any paperwork as carefully as you can. Reading between the lines is recommended as chances of errors creeping in are higher during this retrograde phase.

Surviving Mercury Retrogrades is not a difficult task as we have been managing it for years and as long as we live. We learn to adapt and take the highs and lows as an integral part of life. Knowing what a retrograde is capable of only gives us the power to understand that there are forces beyond our control affecting our actions and with that knowledge we can only try our best to avoid doing certain things and holding off on them temporarily. The retrograde phases are the best times to reflect upon the best course of action and to do some serious planning.

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