Shiv Shakti Puja


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Shiva and his other half Shakti are worshipped together to invoke their blessings for a happy and trouble free life. Wishes are granted to those who delve deep into the devotion of Shiva and Shakti and are believers without questioning whether or not they will benefit. If the intention is to gain something, the motive arises out of greed and not pure devotion. Our Pandits will recommend steps of the puja vidhi related fasts or anything else to be done by you while the actual Shiv Shakti puja will be performed on your behalf by them.

How to Book the Puja:
Click on the ‘Book Puja’ button and follow the instructions for payment.Once order is confirmed and your payment is processed, you will receive an email confirming the order.

Details about the Puja Service:

The Astro Channel has taken utmost care to provide you with the best Puja service for any Puja related requirement that you may have. We conduct Puja services for all pujas known as per Hindu customs and traditions.
Once your Puja is booked with us, our executive will coordinate with you over phone and email to inform you about the Anushthan (date and timings of puja).

Puja Samagri and all other arrangements of the Puja including the Brahmins required or any other requirement for the Puja is taken care of by us and you are kept updated of the proceedings.

Instructions for fasting, bathing etc required to be done by you and your family, if any, will be notified in advance.

Puja Samagri is couriered to your registered address with us. Along with the samagri, we will also be sharing detailed instructions for you to follow with regard to the samagri as well as any other ritual.