Vineeta Srivastava

Vineeta Srivastava

SPECIALIST IN : Vedic Astrology KP Astrology and Tarrot


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Ms.Vineeta Srivastava (M.A. in Astro science),  famous Vedic and KP Astrologer , Tarot Card Reader, is using the concept of Astro Science in empowering and balancing the name of an individual / Company /Business etc. She is combining the strong effects of the wonderful effective benefits of Vedic and KP Astrology. Combination of both these occult sciences gives most accurate and precise readings and results.

Ms. Vineeta specializes in empowering and strengthening the name whether it is the name of an individual, Company corporate, Business etc. WE all know that date of birth cannot be altered, so the only alternative available is to alter the name to overcome the obstacles and hurdles prevalent in your life by taking help of Powerful science of Numerology. She has been giving self less service to many thousands for all these years , and is having a great hold over the subject of Vedic , KP Astrology and Tarot card  . She has been continuing having her research on both the subjects for so many years now and is imparting her research benefits to all her clients in which many of them are satisfied NRIs and foreigners around the globe.